Attack On Titan Season 2

Chances are that you have heard of Attack On Titan, the anime show that took the world by surprise when it first released four years ago. Yes, you heard that right. Season two of that show had been confirmed four years ago but has been in the works since then due to the lack of sufficient content as well as production delays. Either way, it has been almost two months that the actual air date of the anime show has been announced, and if we take a sample from the amazing trailer it was released with it, it’s going to be one hell of a ride.

AOT Season 2

Well, since there are many things to discuss, let’s start by doing a short recap of season one of the acclaimed anime show. Attack On Titan takes place in a post-apocalyptic, fantasy setting where humans one hundred years in the past turned from being at the top of the food chain to getting hunted almost to extinction by giant monsters they call titans.

Those giants are human-like, non-sentient monsters that are only driven by their hunger for humans. From what the show leaves to be implied, humans have forgotten the exact reason or way things changed, but to protect the last of their kind, humans have built walls and started living, and prospering, inside those walls. However, the story starts with Eren Yeager and how he is going to change everything humans know.

If you haven’t seen the first season and you are searching for 25 episodes of pure madness and amazing world-building, then you have waited long enough. I’m not even sure what you are doing here. Go see them right now.

However, if you are like me and have devoured the first season at least once, then it’s time you rest assured. Season two is finally on our doorstep.

First of them all, the release date of the first episode of the second season is April 1st ( you can watch it on our site). Which means is around two weeks away from the time of the writing of this article. Second, if you haven’t watched the trailer, then please do so…now.



Now that this is over and done with, let’s talk about the things we know (and those that we hope we get to see) in the upcoming season.

I warn you that this article will have countless spoilers from season one, so if you still haven’t watched it, you are advised to do so before moving ahead.

Season one left us to the point where Eren learns more about his not-so-unique, titan-transforming powers. From what we found out mid-season, Eren has the power to transform to a titan and even regenerate while doing so. However, even though he can use his power to protect those important to him, he is still not at control. Judging by the trailer, Eren is now starting to realize the extent of his powers and is continuing to work towards his goal of defeating the titans and finally venturing outside the walls.

The biggest questions that season one left us with, though, are those of what is going on with the human-controlled titans. Annie Leonhart appears as the Female Titan that hunts and stops the Survey Corps quest of retaking Wall Maria that has fallen in the early episodes of season one. How is she able to control a titan as well? Are there more people that can do the same thing as Eren and Annie? Will they find a way to defeat the two titans that are attacking the walls?

These are only some of the questions that I’d like to see answered in this season. One of the most pressing questions, however, and the one that left us at a cliffhanger after the ending credits of the last episode of season one has to do with the giant appearing behind Wall Rosa. After Eren and Annie’s fight, we see the face of a titan inside the enormous walls that protect humanity. It’s only a glimpse at what will be coming in season two regarding season one.

Now, citing the official trailer above, we get more questions about season two. Different species of titans appear, Eren seems at control of his power, and we’ll be seeing more action from members of different corps as told from the director of the show Masashi Koizuka. All these are nice development since they will add to our knowledge of the world as well as further the plot and finally gets us to a point where all the secrets are starting to be revealed and we find out what is hiding behind those enormous walls.

Attack On Titan season one has been an outstanding commercial success all around the world. Even those not acquainted with the anime culture watched the series with enjoyment and interest. The gory imagery, the dark and yet earthly colors of the series, as well as interesting characters that all had a story to tell added to what is now a phenomenon.

We only have to wait two more weeks before we dive again to the world of Attack On Titan and the story it’s trying to tell. If season two is anything like season one was, we’ll have one hell of a joy ride to summer. For all of you that couldn’t wait throughout the last four years that it took for the production and creation of the anime adaptation, rumors say that season two will see the “Clash of Titans” arc, as well as the “Uprising” one. However, nothing is confirmed yet and we only have to wait until the anime starts airing again before we are certain.

Even though the wait has been long, we all agree that Attack On Titan season two is going to be one of the most popular anime shows of Spring. What are you waiting to see on Attack On Titan season two? Are you excited for its return? Who is your favorite character from season one that you want to see returning for season two? Let me know in the comments’ section below.

Until then, happy anime watching.